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Who We Are

Our church is part of one of the oldest active denominations in the United States, the Reformed Church in America.  It is a historic denomination coming out of the Reformation when the church was “reformed” according to the Word of God.


Centennial Celebration

On September 11-12, 2016, we celebrated 100 years of ministry in Central Wisconsin.


Our Present Site

During 1985, having out grown our second building, the church built and moved into our present facilities located at 1321 32nd Street North.


Ministry in Wisconsin Rapids

In 1946 the congregation moved to Wisconsin Rapids and built a church, located on the corner of Wylie and 14th Street North.


Rural Ministry in Vesper, WI

Faith Reformed has its ministry beginnings sometime during 1898 at Vesper Wisconsin.  Our congregation was organized and an early building was didicated in 1917.


Reformed Church in America

Our denomination was established in New York in 1628, roughly 150 years before US independence was won.